Greater Precision. Optimized Outcomes.

Addressing Neck Pain with Objective Assessments and Tailored Treatments

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Better Outcomes Are On the Horizon

A Better Way to Assess and Treat Neck Pain

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The Butterfly Method

Driving Better Outcomes Through Better Data

Through our patented Butterfly Methods, comprising of various kinematic tests and exercise programs, NeckCare provides a real-time analysis of neck mobility impairment.

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An in-office assessment and rehabilitation tool for healthcare professionals

NeckCare Pro is the first clinical grade assessment and rehabilitation platform that provides highly accurate and objective data to healthcare providers in real-time. Used in clinical settings, NeckCare Pro optimizes outcomes for people with chronic neck pain through more precise assessments and rehabilitation.

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An at-home tool for ongoing patient use

NeckCare VR, an at-home neck therapy platform prescribed by therapists, provides immersive, fun, and easy-to-follow virtual reality therapy that is automatically tracked on the NeckCare dashboard for ongoing assessment and progress reporting.

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Accessible, Convenient, Precise

For Healthcare Providers

  • Objective, highly accurate, real-time data that quickly assesses impairment and measures patient progress
  • Clinical grade diagnosis and rehabilitation that is evidence based and scientifically validated
  • Highly personalized assessments and care plans
  • Secure web-based dashboard for tracking, paperless reporting and telehealth

For Patients

  • Therapist-prescribed exercises that are personalized, engaging, convenient, and fun
  • Wireless, easy to use, and easy to understand
  • Easy to interpret progress reports delivered through a secure dashboard
Scientific Research

A new clinical assessment and treatment method for deficits of movement control in the cervical spine

Our new conceptual model is centered on the person with neck pain or who is at risk for neck pain. Neck pain is viewed as an episodic occurrence over a lifetime with variable recovery between episodes.

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Scientific Research