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Neck Assessment Done Right

Objectively assess functional impairments of the cervical spine

Our mission is to improve patient care for cervical spine related disorders by providing objective data to our healthcare partners

The NeckSmart Platform

Conduct your neck assessments with accuracy

Whether your patient suffers from neck pain, headaches, dizziness, or balance issues, assessing the cervical spine for potential impairment is important to ensure the best treatment path and outcome.

The NeckSmart system by NeckCare provides healthcare professionals with an objective way to assess functional impairment of the cervical spine. Range of motion, proprioception, and movement control are assessed using the combination of a wearable sensor and a software platform. The assessments can be conducted in a matter of minutes, complete with automated reports to help providers monitor the status and progress of their patients efficiently.

Range of Motion

Goodbye goniometer!

Get accurate Range of Motion measurements in three planes of motion in less than two minutes.

Joint Position Error

Goodbye laser!

Conduct the joint position error test using the latest technology. Quick and easy set-up with great accuracy!

Movement Control

Goodbye guessing!

Quantify the movement control of the cervical spine with comparison to normative values. Supported by decades of research.

"My NeckSmart report showed my physical therapist exactly where to focus my neck pain therapy. Four weeks later I am pain-free and the persistent headaches have stopped."

- Bara, 5-years post whiplash injury
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