NeckCare produces effective tools for Telehealth / Telemedicine and the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) revolution enabling remote monitoring of patient progression, regression and / or their treatment compliance.

Healthcare systems around the globe have borne the full burden of COVID 19. The pandemic has tested both the physical and mental limits of healthcare workers and the patient population but consequently caused much faster adoption of Telehealth / IoHT products.

Despite those challenges it is also an opportunity to drive positive change through these difficult times as we move into the post-pandemic reality.

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced the world to move towards a new reality at a much faster pace than previously anticipated.

New York Times reported that nearly $4 billion was billed for Telehealth services during March and April, compared to less than $60 million for the same two months of 2019.

The figure below shows how NeckCare assembles both environmental & objective Bio-signals from the patient/user population, how the data is uploaded to the cloud and how the data is utilized by healthcare professionals.

The IoHT technology facilitates for the retrieval and interpretation of real-time information for modern day healthcare, promoting the preservation of health, diagnoses and treatment of diseases, monitoring of changes in public health and the prevention of diseases.