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The NeckSmart solution provides healthcare professionals with a smart sensor-based tool for the clinical assessment of neck impairment. Implementing clinically validated assessment tests, NeckSmart analyses movement data and provides auto-generated reports.


With cloud-based storage, users can easily access patient reports to keep track of patients’ status and progress during rehabilitation in the clinic or at home.

Web based software  
Unique Butterfly Method  

Butterfly test measures accuracy and control of head and neck movements.

These are greatly dependent on sensory feedback derived from highly specialized sensors called muscle spindles.

Neck muscles possess abundance of muscles spindles that importantly contribute to movement awareness.

Patients with neck pain disorders frequently exhibit altered and asymmetric activity of muscle spindles leading to disturbed movement control of head and neck.

Additionally, these changes are closely related to intensity and frequency of subjectively perceived pain in the neck and surrounding areas including chronic conditions and recurrence.

The test is performed at three difficulty levels in an unpredictable manner.

This provides clinicians with accurate, reliable, and sensitive information on cervical spine functional deficits which are closely related to other functional deficits such as disturbances in maintaining postural balance, visual perception and cognitive dysfunction.

Unique Buttterfly Method
Range of Motion

Range of motion tests are frequently performed on neck pain patients and others with structural and functional impairments.

NeckSmart system enables fast, accurate and reliable measures of active range of motion in all three movement planes, which importantly upgrades traditionally used clinical tools by giving insight into head and neck movements as well as movement limitations.

Range of Motion
Joint Position Sense (Proprioception)  

Head- to-neutral relocation test measures the ability to sense the neutral reference point of the head and neck that is based on sensory information derived from specialized receptors located in the neck.

The test is performed blindfolded, so the receptors are the only reference for the individual being tested to return to that neutral point.

Functional changes in these receptors can cause neck pain, and lead to disturbances in position sense.

This measure has been widely shown to discriminate between patients with neck pain disorders and asymptomatic individuals.

Head and neck movements are performed using high precision NeckSmart head gear technology providing accurate results on position sense and compensatory movements performed in all three motion planes.


Head-to neutral relocation test enables clinicians to accurately diagnose proprioceptive deficits originating from neck pain disorders.

Technical Information

NeckSmart includes a wireless wearable sensor unit that measures head motion and syncs witha computer that runs the NeckSmart software, which displays the data in real time.

The patientwears the device on their head while performing prescribed head-neck movements under thesupervision or guidance of a healthcare professional.


Sensor type

Inertial Measurement Unit




80 Gram

Battery life

6 Hours

System requirements

Windows, macOS


Flexible TPE material


Micro - USB cable



Joint Positon Sense
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