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Patent Protection Approved in Canada

Patent Protection Approved in Canada

NeckCare embarked on a journey that ended successfully on July 24th. 2020.

The NeckCare patent application in Canada was formally approved on by the relevant Canadian authority.

In short: Patent protection has been granted in Canada!

This gives NeckCare an interesting leverage and advantage in a market of approximately 50 Million people.

The “fabric” of the Canadian market is a interesting one:

A) 12.100 PT clinics B) Market size over $3 Billion C) Industry Employment (PT´s) is 25,051

After receiving the announcement from the Canadian Patent Office, Thorsteinn Geirsson, CEO, stated to the company employees, shareholders and customers:

“We came, we saw and we conquered! Together we are looking into the eyes of a bright future consisting of a fast-growing global market where NeckCare provides disruptive patent protected IoHT technology for the healthcare of the future”.

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