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News from the CSM APTA 2022

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Members of Team NeckCare have been attending the CSM APTA 2022 meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Our audience ranged from students to PT’, DPT´s, Spine specialists, Academic Researchers and MD´s, all of which showed a great deal of interest in the NeckSmart objective cervical assessment platform. Team NeckCare managed to engage in many constructive conversation with soon to be our clients in the US market, many of which expressed keen interest in the cervical assessment and treatment platform (both in clinic & remote) as well as the compliance tracking capabilities of the NeckSmart system. Team NeckCare received their message loud and clear: “Amazing technology as the NeckSmart system fills an enormous gap in the treatment of the neck pain population. Without any doubt NeckSmart will become the future reference for cervical spine assessment”.

Team NeckCare learned a lot and there is much to be grateful for!

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