NeckCare Product Suite

The NeckCare Ecosystem

Translating Research Into Practice

NeckCare Pro

The clinician uses wireless NeckGear and patented Butterfly exams to precisely diagnose the patient and create a custom care plan.

NeckSmart Cloud Service

This secure HIPAA-compliant database provides an online dashboard the provider and patient use to share a prescribed care plan. The NeckCare Index (NCI) normalizes patients to quantify outcomes.

NeckCare VR

The patient accesses the prescribed care plan from NeckSmart and performs the rehabilitation exercises using VR goggles and our smartphone app as needed.

NeckCare Pro

A clinical grade platform for in-office assessment and rehabilitation

NeckCare Pro helps you assess and treat neck pain by providing objective, highly accurate, real-time data. Using Graded Training you can monitor the ongoing progress of your patients with greater precision and provide ongoing, updated exercises and therapies by targeting the challenge point of treatment of diverse impairments, which are neither too trivial nor too difficult to perform. NeckCare Pro is available on an affordable, subscription-based platform.

NeckCare Pro includes:

A 3D orientation sensor that ensures highly accurate data that is based on a multitude of gyro-accelerometers

An online clinical assessment tool

A secure web-based dashboard enables tracking, paperless reporting and telehealth

Objective, Precise Data

  • More accurate assessment of neck mobility
  • Precise and objective measurement of impairment parameters
  • Parameters include rhythmic, spacial and/or temporal accuracy, as well as smoothness of movement

Fast and Easy to Use

  • Integrates easily into your existing patient flow
  • Initial assessment is simple and takes under 5 minutes to complete for the longest test
  • Objective results are easy to interpret and available via an easy to access dashboard

Grow Your Practice

  • Delivers a quick ROI, while promoting patient satisfaction and better outcomes
  • Attract and retain patients Increase patient satisfaction and return visits

NeckCare VR

The first outside the clinic neck therapy platform that provides immersive, fun and easy-to-follow therapy based on precise, highly accurate, real-time data

NeckCare VR uses real-time data and feedback to deliver personalized therapist-prescribed exercises that are engaging, easy to follow, and fun. The affordable app is subscription-based and can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device and viewed through NeckCare’s VR goggles. The platform features a secure patient dashboard for easy access to therapist-prescribed exercises, progress tracking and paperless reporting, enabling patients to feel positive and motivated about their treatment.

NeckCare VR includes:

VR goggles enable full range of motion and ensure highly accurate data based on precise movements

A secure web-based dashboard enables tracking, paperless reporting and telehealth

Drive Better Outcomes

  • Provides accurate, real-time data that informs better personalized care plans
  • Flexible format allows patients to do their prescribed therapies at home, at work, or on the go
  • Maximizes patient compliance

Increase Engagement and Effectiveness

  • Enables patients to track progress and improvement in real-time
  • Makes therapy immersive and fun
  • Virtual reality and gamification increases patient interest and engagement in their therapies

Enable Digital Health

  • Secure web-based platform
  • Provides a channel for remote communication between patient and doctor or therapist
  • Allows patients secure access to progress reports