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Objective and reliable assessments of the cervical spine based on decades of research

The NeckSmart solution provides healthcare professionals with a smart sensor-based tool for the clinical assessment of neck impairment. Implementing clinically validated assessment tests, NeckSmart analyses movement data and provides auto-generated reports.


With cloud-based storage, users can easily access patient reports to keep track of patients’ status and progress during rehabilitation in the clinic.

Neck Assessment Done Right

Objectively assess functional impairments of the cervical spine

Range of Motion

Evaluates mobility.

Active range of motion in all motion planes can be measured. Maximum in the primary movement plane is reported along with the respective associated movement. 

Joint Position Error

Evaluates posture awareness.

Measures the deviation from neutral posture after an active head-neck movement. Primary and associated movement reposition error is reported for the transverse and sagittal planes.

The Butterfly Method

Evaluates movement control.

Head-neck movement is measured during unpredictable target tracking. Performance is compared to normative data from a pain-free population.

Our mission is to improve patient care for cervical spine related disorders by providing objective data to our healthcare partners

The NeckSmart Assessments

Objective assessments of the cervical spine

Objective assessments for the cervical spine

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